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 Works well!  BIG Time!!  A great money saver! By Ross Buckley

Color: Slate Black Verified Purchase

I usually have to shovel about 25 yds of black mulch each year around my home to make it look good, timely and expensive. As the mulch is piled pretty deep, thought I would try to dye it this year to see if that was a cost/time alternative. I bought the product and mixed it in a back pack sprayer and applied. The usual 3 day project of shoveling took about 3 hours of spraying. It covers well and soaks in immediately to the top layer of wood and has the appearance of new mulch. I did this a few weeks ago and the heavy rain we have had this spring has not affected the color. The only drawback I see(and anticpaed)is that you are only dying the top layer of mulch so anytime a kid or a deer runs through the bed, it turns over a little mulch and you see the underlying aged mulch underneath. It is not a big deal as the product is so easy to apply, I anticipate touching up every couple of months. My future plan is to lay real mulch every other year and apply this on the off years and in the fall to touch up my beds so they always look fresh.

How long does your product last?
6 - 8 months, depending on your location.

How do you apply your product?
Simply mix 4 - 6 oz of colorant with 1 1/2 gal of water in a garden or backpack sprayer, and spray where
colorant is needed. Rake mulch and apply more as needed.

Is your product harmful to plant, pets, or children?
No, our product is all natural and environmentally safe.

What colors do you offer?
Residential - Magma Red, Slate Black, and Terra Brown.
Commercial - Please see our commercial products page.

When is the best time to spray your product on mulch?
On a dry, calm and sunny day.

How should I store your product?
At room temperature.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact a member of our support team.